I give presentation for more than fifteen years – currently of 35 folk instruments and I also lead workshops of making folk instruments. Within the workshop I usually give a presentation of musical instruments. Workshops are the opportunity for the participants to get acquainted with the creativity and the tradition of folk instruments and music. Every participant takes home the instrument that he made.

I lead workshops for participants from 5-99 years – in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, faculties and for various other groups. In schools I lead workshops as a part of music education, cultural education, technical education, for special school events, etc.

Depending on the age and the abilities of the participants I make all the necessary adjustments. I prepare and bring with me all the material needed for making an instrument. At the end of the workshop we may play on some of the instruments and maybe even sing. Making an instrument is really precious and great experience.

It is my pleasure when I hear and see the laughter and the cheerfulness of the participants and their joy when they take home the instrument that they made.


If your musical instrument needs a repair or maintenance or if you need an advice or if you are wondering if anything could be done – please just contact me with any questions you may have.

Repairing instruments is my pleasure and sometimes also a challenge. I enjoy a lot when an older instrument needs a part that isn’t even made anymore, in which case I need to create and build new parts. I would be happy to advise you, to help you decide what is needed and if the repair is possible at all. I am known for having repaired the instruments that others didn’t know how.

At the request I can even improve the instrument with some adjuvants as it gives it new features. I prefer to repair antiques that require a lot of attention, patience, knowledge and skills. If you have an antique musical instrument and you don’t wish to repair it, you can bring it to me, I might buy it.

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