It all started when I was 5 years old – I made my first guitar from wooden pieces of flooring, nails and wire when my parents were busy building the house.

When I grew up I had a regular job but in my spare time I was always doing something with my hands – from wood, stone and all other natural materials. I was also making jewelry.

But more and more I was driven towards the music and instruments, so one day I quit my job and my love has become my way of living – always exploring, always searching for the best sound, making different projects for theatres and alwas ready for new challenges …

You are welcome if you like my instruments or if you have new ideas and searching for somebody to put them in reality.


Instruments Korosec

Preglov trg 1/VI,
1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia – Europe

00386 (0) 41 503 863

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